10 Reasons To Use Spaceways Storage By The Box – Part 1

10 Reasons To Use Spaceways Box Storage

For those of you who have not come across Spaceways Storage By The Box before, we do precisely that… store your items by the box! Our storage box rental service provides you with strong and sturdy boxes that will allow you to pack, store and secure smaller items and belongings.

Traditional self-storage is a great offering, which is why so many people use it today. Sometimes, though, you just do not need all of the space that a storage locker or a storage room would provide for you. This is where storage by the box comes into play and why we decided to launch our storage box rental service.

Kelly’s Storage acquired spaceways in 2016, and since then we have focused our storage box rental service on London, Surrey & Hertfordshire. We also aim to provide exceptional customer service wherever possible.

That is not all though. Our service is a storage service with the added benefit of pickup/collection and redelivery back to your location. This means you do not have to leave your home to get your items into storage because we handle all of the logistics for you!

Our online system is straightforward to use. Simply click the “Book Now” button and follow the onscreen instructions. You can select a date you would like us to come and drop the empty boxes and another day for us to return to collect the full ones.

If you are unsure of how many boxes you may need to rent, we always recommend ordering more as we will only ever charge you for the boxes you fill. The remaining empty boxes will be collected and returned for free.

The Step-by-Step Booking & Storage Process

This is how the Spaceways service will run:

  1. You start by booking online (select delivery date, collection date, number of boxes needed, delivery information etc.)
  2. On the date selected, we shall drop empty boxes to your location FOR FREE!
  3. You then have 2 options (both are FREE too)
    – We can wait outside for 20 minutes for you to pack the boxes.
    – We can return to collect on another day (which you would have selected during the booking process)
  4. We then take everything into our secure storage facility where it will be kept dry, clean, safe and secure for as long as you need
  5. When you are ready to get your items back, simply log back onto your account, select a redelivery date, and we shall be at your door with your items!

Spaceways Storage Pricing

So, how much does Spaceways Storage By The Box cost? Our pricing is very simple.

  • Delivery of Boxes: Delivery of empty Spaceways boxes to your location is FREE.
  • Collection of Boxes: Returning to collect your full boxes is FREE too.
  • Box Rental Price: Our box rental service is just £4.90 per month per Spaceways box used. The boxes have the dimensions of 60cm W x 40cm L x 37cm H, which is a capacity of 67 litres and a max weight of 25kg.
  • Personal Box/Larger Item Storage Price: If you use your boxes or need to store any other item that is not in a Spaceways box, that will be just £9 a month per item (all personal boxes and larger items have a maximum capacity of 25kg too and must be able to be lifted by one person, as generally we only send one driver out for collections)
  • Redelivery of your stored boxes: If you have been in storage with us for less than three months, the redelivery cost is £49. If you have been in storage with us for more than three months, redelivery is just £19. This applies to all of your boxes, not a per box fee. If you have partial redelivery of your items (just a few boxes), the payment will apply each time you request any box/boxes to be redelivered. If you are unsure of which boxes you need, we always suggested reordering all of them back. This way, you can go through them, get what you need and then having our driver take it all back into storage for just one fee.

Today, we are going to look at all of the ways that people use Spaceways Storage By The Box and how you could potentially use it yourself in the coming months.

In this article, we shall cover:

1. Record Collection Storage By The Box

2. Ornaments and Small Antiques Storage By The Box

3. Gardening / Camping / Christmas / Seasonal Hobby Storage By The Box

4. Seasonal Clothing Storage By The Box

5. Book Storage By The Box

By the end of these articles, we hope you see the value in using a storage box hire service such as Spaceways.

1. Record Collection Storage By The Box

Firstly, who throws away records? Over the years, we have come to realise that there is a particular way in which record collections should be stored. This is especially true for those classic collections that you want to last the test of time.

As we mentioned in the introduction above, Spaceways will come out to your location with empty rental storage boxes to allow you to start packing. We shall then return to collect you full boxes and take them into our facility, saving you a lot of time and hassle.

Why Store Your Records at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

At home, managing humidity and temperature can be a difficult task, especially if you are limited on space. Despite your best efforts, storing that classic record collection at home may not be the best approach.

At Spaceways, we specialise in storage and are part of a larger company called “Kelly’s Storage”, who has been in business since 1937 providing mobile and traditional storage services.

Our large and purpose-built storage facilities manage temperature, humidity and security. We will ensure that your record collection lasts a lifetime, as it should!

Tips on Packing Your Record Collection

  • Ensure your vinyl records are stacked straight upright and not on top of one another. If records are stacked on top of one another, the condition will deteriorate. If you are a fan of the sleeve artwork, stacking them in this way can speed up the deterioration of this as well.
  • Never pack your records into the storage boxes at a slant either. If you pack your records in this way, the records can warp over time which will make the playback somewhat tricky.
  • We recommend putting some protective blankets either side and then stacking through the box.

2. Ornaments and Small Antiques Storage By The Box

Ornament and Small Antique Storage is another common reason we find people using Spaceways box rental service. When it is time to make space for new things or you are going through a transition in your life, but want to hold on to your belongings, using a storage box rental service such as Spaceways that collects from your door and redelivers back on request is ideal!

Not only can we provide you with strong, sturdy boxes to store your valuable antiques and ornaments, but we provide all necessary materials to protect them whilst in store. This will include sheets, covers, bubble wrap and more.

Why Store Your Ornaments and Small Antiques at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

Finally, just for added peace of mind, our storage facilities are monitored by CCTV 24/7, have bio-scanning technology fitted for entry and alarmed perimeter fences to ensure your items are secure at all times.

The storage facility is dry, staffed, and safety checks are carried out regularly to ensure the facility is as secure as possible at all times. We also store hundreds of thousands of business archive documents at the facility, so security is imperative to us.

Tips on Packing Antiques & Ornaments

  • Always thoroughly wrap your antiques in bubble wrap and protective wraps and blankets before placing them into the boxes
  • Evenly distribute the antiques throughout the available boxes. Try and group antiques of similar weights to help this process.
  • Avoid stacking antiques on top of one another as this can lead to damage over long periods (especially with more substantial items)

3. Gardening / Camping / Christmas / Seasonal Hobbie Storage By The Box

One of the most significant uses for Spaceways, outside of Student Storage, is Seasonal Storage.

We have found many hobbyists that, many times, do not have the extra space to store the equipment and tools associated with them.

This is why Spaceway launched “Spaceways Seasonal”, which is a “revolving door” kind of solution. We will come and collect your out of season items, store them in our secure storage facility for the year and as soon as you are ready, we will redeliver them back to your front door ready for use!

We have realised that space has become a premium in today’s homes, which is why we have seen such an uptake in this seasonal side of storage.

We hope we can help you too!

Why Store Your Seasonal Hobby Gear at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

By storing your seasonal items in a dedicated storage facility and with a storage company such as Spaceways, your items are secure, dry and insured too!

The fact we come and drop empty boxes to you, return to collect the full ones, take everything into our storage facility and then redeliver back to your door within 72hours of you requesting redelivery, adds a convenience factor too.

Tips on Packing Gardening / Camping / Christmas / Seasonal Hobbie Gear

  • Always start by putting your more substantial and heavier items at the bottom of the box
  • Ensure to bubble wrap or protect any jagged or sharp objects that may be stored to ensure they do not damage the boxes and your other items
  • Ensure everything is clean and dry before putting into them into the storage boxes, to ensure no damage occurs 

4. Seasonal Clothing Storage By The Box

We have also found that many people use our seasonal storage service for clothing and other out of season items, like accessories too. Many have said that doing this helps keep their homes and minds clear, as they have less clutter around and can recall the items when they need them, having them on their doorstep within 72 hours! So it is very convenient too.

Seasonal clothing storage in London has seen a significant increase for us, and we would love to help you with this service as well!

Why Store Your Seasonal Clothing at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

The biggest reason, as we touched on, is clarity of mind and decluttering for seasonal clothing storage. Many customers that we have spoken to told us that it helps them keep a clear mind by not having things in their homes that are in the way and unsued. This was especially true for those living in smaller flats within London who typically do not have a large wardrobe space available.

What’s more, the service Spaceways provide to get those items of clothing into storage means you do not need to leave your home at all. We handle all of the logistics. We will come to your location with as many sturdy, strong boxes as you need (selected when ordering through the site). Any that you do not use, you will not be charged for, so always order a few more. We will bring them out to your home, return when you have packed them to collect, take it all into our storage facility and then redeliver on request when you need them again!

Finally, our storage facilities monitor temperature and humidity to ensure your packed items are in the best location possible (not to mention 24/7 CCTV & alarmed perimeter fences).

Tips on Packing Your Seasonal Clothing for Storage

  • Wash and dry the clothes before putting them into the storage boxes
  • Put heavier items towards the bottom of the box first
  • Protect any items that could get scratched with covers and bubble wrap

5. Book/Library Storage By The Box

Another big reason for using a box rental service is for storing book collections. I am sure you were always told “Never throw away books!”, right?

Well, we would agree. Knowledge is power! With our book storage service, it is easier than ever to hold onto those little gems forever.

Not only can we store your books in a dry and secure location, but if you ever want to read them again, we can easily deliver one or two boxes back at a time for you to retrieve books from. We will wait outside for 20 minutes while you look inside and retrieve the ones you want and then take everything back into storage for you.

Why Store Your Books at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

The biggest reasons we hear: Space! Books take up so much space, which is why ebooks hit the market by storm! With homes looking like they are getting smaller and smaller, the bookshelf has become a bit of a luxury in many homes. A lifetime of knowledge should be kept and potentially passed down to the next generation, which is happening less and less as our spaces shrink, and everything goes digital.

There is still a beauty in keeping, holding, turning the pages of and reading books that we believe will never die, which is why this service works so well. Again, we handle all of the logistics and can provide all of the necessary protective materials you may need too!

Tips on Packing Your Books for Storage

  • Always put your larger books at the bottom to line the box
  • Never wrap books in plastic as this will stop them from breathing and can encourage mould to grow and damage pages
  • We would recommend wrapping older books in small blankets to ensure they are adequately protected while in long-term storage
  • Always lay the books flat, not stacked on their sides

As mentioned, this is just part one! This was turning into a sizable article, so we have split it into two parts, with part 2 coming very soon!

We hope this article has opened you up to the potential uses for Storage By The Box? If you have any questions or are unsure if we can store something in particular, you can get in touch with us by calling today on 0203 095 2035.

If you are happy with everything you have read, you can book your storage today by clicking the “Book Now” button and following the process.

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