Farnham student storage

Door-to-door student in storage in Farnham. Book your storage online, sit back & relax. We're here to take care of all your storage needs. Book your student storage today by entering your postcode below


You book your student storage online and we handle the rest


You save money buy only paying for the space you use


We keep your belongings safe and protected during the summer

Farnham student discount

Living in Farnham and Surrey can be pricey for students! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Student Beans to provide you with a handy student discount across our student storage solutions.

Student storage Farnham

As a student in Farnham, you’ve visited the food festival and spent countless nights at the William Cobbet. Now that you’ve finished all your exams and the year’s about to end, what do you do with all your belongings?

Our student storage solution is here to help!
Image of a spaceways employee carrying out student storage services in Farnham

Hassle-free student self storage in Farnham

From ordering Uber rides home from the Mulberry to ordering a delicious vegan meal from Leag & Gain using Just East, everything is just a tap away. We believe student storage in Farnham shouldn’t be any different!

Save money

Student in Farnham? Secure, budget-friendly storage solution to help you save money!

Storage that suits you

Easy storage. We'll collect your items from your home and redeliver them to you in September.

Peace of mind

Store stress-free! CCTV monitored warehouses & trained drivers to keep your items safe.

Your local student storage warehouse

Storage to help University of Creative Arts Students

We provide affordable student storage for the University of Creative Arts students so you can ditch the expensive options. Relax and enjoy the summer and let us take care of all your storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does student storage in Farnham cost?

We believe we provide the best student storage service in Farnham and our price reflects that. We charge you by the box meaning you only pay for what you store each month.

If you send new boxes in, they’ll be included in your existing price plan.

Click here to find out how much it costs a month per box.

How much are your boxes?

You won’t believe this, but our boxes are FREE! This is mainly because we want to encourage you to use our boxes as they are designed with yours and our driver’s wellbeing in mind. We even deliver them to you for free, it’s a no brainer!

How big are your boxes?

The dimensions of our boxes are 35cm W x 55cm L x 35cm H and have a capacity of 67 litres.Our boxes are designed with your wellbeing in mind, so they aren’t packed to heavy.

Can I use my own boxes?

If you use your own box this will be classed as an oversized item. Oversize items are only available for collection and storage to certain postcode areas.

If you are within London or the M25 then you can store your own boxes with us.

If you are outside of London or the M25 then you must order and use the boxes that we provide for FREE!

How does collection work?

Collecting your stuff to bring them into storage is super easy. Once you have packed your boxes and checked in we will text and email you the day before confirming you are all set. On the collection day, you will receive a 1-hour collection window via text message. All you must do is make sure your phone is on and you are in all day!

How does delivery work?

When you are ready to get your stuff back login to your account and select the date that you want your stuff back. We will email and text you the day before to let you know everything is ready for delivery and text you a 1 hour delivery window on the delivery day.

Where is my stuff stored?

In one of the best storage facilities in the UK! Our parent company where we store your stuff is a leading self-storage provider who are ISO accredited and have temperature-controlled warehouses.

Keeping your stuff safe and secure is our priority and we have invested in our facilities and processes to ensure this.

Is my stuff insured?

We accept liability for loss or damage for every box and oversized item are insured up to the value of £100. Each item is also protected both to and from the warehouse while they are in transit. Our liability is not insurance cover, but it’s similar and you can claim against us if we lose or damage your goods.

If you want to increase the liability value for your stuff, please call our Customer Success Team on 0800 1077 250.

Although our processes and storage facilities are super safe sometimes things are out of our control, so we recommend anything of great value not to be stored and to be kept safe with you.

For help and information on how to pack your boxes please watch our packing guide.

Can I store a suitcase or bag with you?

A suitcase is classed as an oversized item and only available for collection and storage in certain postcodes.

If you live within London and the M25 you can store suitcases or a luggage bag with us.

How long can I store my stuff for?

As long as you want!

We do not tie you into a minimum storage period, you can store your stuff for 1 day or 1 year. The monthly storage payment will be taken on your anniversary date each month until you want everything back.