Universities in London: SOAS Overview

If you’re looking for more specialised studies, and are fascinated by African or Asian history and culture – the School of Oriental and Asian Studies may be perfect for you. Located just next to UCL in the centre of Bloomsbury, SOAS offers specialised courses that focus on the development of African and Asian studies, economies and history. If you see yourself leading an international career that spans continents, SOAS may be the place for you.

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Where is SOAS located?

SOAS, The School of Oriental and African Studies, is located right next to UCL, University College London, in the heart of Bloomsbury. It’s surrounded by history – some of the greatest English writers, academics and historians lived in Bloomsbury.

As one of the smaller universities, SOAS has a small but mighty campus and it’s conveniently also right next to a lot of student food stalls, with a weekly market. It’s a stone throw’s away from Russell Square, which is perfect during the summer.

SOAS Accommodation

SOAS reserves dedicated places for their students at inter-collegiate and private halls across London, both catered and self-catered. Urbanest St Pancras is one of the best private student halls in the city, with great facilities and modern rooms. The Garden Halls is the newest block of accommodation for London students, having only completed construction within the last few years and are located right next to the Brunswick Centre for all your shopping needs!

If you prefer a female-only option for student halls, Goldsmiths House is a great option with old architecture and a great location in Camden.

The Places To Be

SOAS is known to have one of the best student bars out of all the London universities. It’s part of its main building and is covered in student event and protest pamphlets, much like every university should be. With cheaper drinks than anywhere else in the area, it’s a great start to a student night out. Student Central is also just next door and hosts some great club nights. During the day, it also sells coffee and food to keep you fueled up during classes and the morning after a late night.

The SOAS University

One of the most important factors in choosing a university is the university’s reputation. Going to a good university will mean you get the most out of your tuition fees and a promising future. SOAS is a specialist university with a very narrow focus, however, it is still ranked in the top 100 universities in the world. If you are especially looking to study Asian languages or African history, SOAS is the perfect place to focus on your topic of choice.

It may even be a better choice for your chosen field as opposed to a general university.

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