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Types of storage available for students

Types of storage available for students

There are a few storage options that will work for all students. These all vary in price and size of the storage as some of the storage is by the box and the others are storage by the container  

Self storage 

Self storage is a commercial solution where companies rent space out for storage. There are several different types of self storage which students can use as a place to store your belongings. They vary in price and how you’re able to access your belongings.  

Pros of self storage for students  

  • Variety of different storage sizes 
  • A safe and secure place to store your belongings  

Cons for self storage for students  

  • Can be quite expensive 
  • No 24h access  
Storage containers for students

Storage containers  

Traditional storage containers are an option for students to store all of your belongings in one place.  You often must pay per week for these storage containers making this one of the more expensive storage options.  

Pro of storage containers 

  • Great for when you are not able to be in your university accommodation 
  • Containers can fit all of your belongings  

Cons of storage containers  

  • Storage containers are often too big for students, as the average container can fit a 2-bedroom house in 
  • Often end up paying for storage that you’re not using  
Lockup storage for students

Lockup storage 

Lock up storage is great if you want to be able to freely go and access your belongings in storage wherever you need. It’s also good if you just need extra space to store your belongings if your student halls or house is not big enough for all your stuff.   

Pros of lockup storage 

  • Great if you need to be able to access your belongings regularly throughout your storage  
  • Won’t need to request access to your lockup as you can access your belongings whenever you like during the lockup storage companies opening times 

Cons of lock-up storage 

  • You will need to be able to drive in order to bring your belongings into storage and access your belongings 
  • Not all of these companies let you access your belongings 24/7 

Garage storage  

 Many people hire out their garages as a place for people to store their belongings.  It’s a great place to declutter your student accommodation or store those items that don’t fit in your house. Garage storage varies in size which gives your versatility with how you use this storage.  

Pros of garage storage 

  • It is often cheaper than commercial self-storage  

Cons of garage storage  

  • Not the safest or most securest option 
  • Most students don’t have enough belongings to fill a garage which means you often pay for the storage you don’t use 
University Storage for students

University Storage 

Many universities offer student storage directly on campus. This means that your belongings are stored directly at the university or at a warehouse close to the university.

Pros of university storage 

  • Often cheaper than traditional storage  
  • Storage on your doorstep  

Cons of university storage 

  • Most busy at the beginning and end of the university break so needs to be booked up at least a week in advance 
  • Not always has as much storage space as traditional storage companies 

By the box storage  

Some storage companies offer storage by the box. Instead of storing your belongings using traditional storage methods, you will store your belongings in cardboard boxes instead. This is the most popular student storage solution, as most belongings can fit into several boxes.

Pros of by the box storage 

  • Cheaper than traditional storage as you are only paying per box that you need to store 
  • Can store oversize items such as suitcases 

Cons of by the box storage 

  • Not the best for use if you want to store a lot of items such as a house move 

Spaceways student storage

Spaceways provides an affordable student storage solution thanks to our by-the-box approach to storage.  

We provide you with a simple-to-use service. We provide you with the storage boxes and once you’ve packed them with your belongings, we will then come and collect them and transport your boxes to our secure storage warehouse. When you need your belongings back again our drivers will redeliver your storage boxes directly to your door or student room.  

Our student storage solution is cheaper than traditional methods as you only pay for the storage you use, making it the perfect solution for students 

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