Spaceways vs. Traditional Storage: Why Students Love the Difference.

Picture of students carrying boxes to use for student storage

The moving out part for college students is exciting and stressful altogether, and it is the time when you learn about the adulthood change in your lives where you learn many life-changing vital lessons. And one of them is finding a home-like accommodation with spacious storage.

With limited living spaces, organising and storing belongings can become quite daunting. Thankfully, innovative student storage solutions like Spaceways have emerged to cater specifically to students’ needs. 

Here we will explore why students should go for Spaceways instead of traditional storage methods for a good change. Read on!

1. Convenience at Your Fingertips

Image of a student packing their belongings into a suitcase to use for student storage

With Spaceways, the days of hauling heavy boxes and furniture to traditional storage units are long gone. Students can conveniently book storage space online and have their items picked up from their doorstep. 

Spaceways will help you eliminate transportation stress and save valuable time and effort. Moving to a new city or country comes with a lot of confusion. However, modern ideas have made things much more straightforward than they used to be. Calling for help is just one call away, so be sure to manage your necessities for excellent comfort at your student accommodation.

2. Pay for What You Need

A student counting their money

When it comes to choosing an exact amount of storage, traditional storage can not quote you the right amount, but not with spaceways; here, you can select the precise amount of storage space they require, ranging from small boxes to more oversized items such as bicycles or furniture. 

Spaceways provides you with the flexibility to ensure that students only pay for what they need, providing a more affordable option, especially for those on a tight budget. Store whatever you are not using now and enjoy/decorate your cosy student housing space as much as you want.

3. Secure and Monitored Facilities

One of the primary concerns when choosing a student storage solution is the safety of valuable belongings. Spaceways offer students peace of mind by providing secure and monitored storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. So, you need not worry about your precious belongings when it’s out of sight.

Also, a plus point is that Spaceways’ has climate-controlled storage units that protect sensitive items like electronics, books, and clothing from damage. Putting your belongings under someone else’s care can be daunting, but Spaceways got thousands of people’s trust throughout London and yours too.

4. Easy Access to Stored Items

Unlike traditional storage units that may be located far away, Spaceways has conveniently located facilities close to many university neighbourhoods, making it easy for students to access their stored items whenever needed, whether during term breaks or when relocating to a new place. 

It is more convenient for international students studying abroad since relocation requires a lot of shopping, so to make things easier in an unfamiliar environment, Spaceways is a go-to and affordable source.

5. Flexibility in Timeframe

Spaceways recognise that students require storage for specific periods, such as summer vacations or gaps between semesters. Unlike traditional storage that may lock you into lengthy contracts, Spaceways offers flexibility in storage duration, allowing students to customise their plans to fit their needs.


As we know, college and university students have tight schedules, making it harder for them to organise things when things get all packed up. It is not about creating unnecessary purchases or being environmentally unconscious; some items are essential, such as books, containers, seasonal clothes, etc., so students need not worry about the shortage of storage. Spaceways are there for you.

6. Hassle-Free Retrieval and Delivery

When the academic year comes to an end, students are often burdened with the task of moving out and transporting their belongings. There comes Spaceways which take away this hassle by offering retrieval and delivery services. Students can schedule the return of their stored items directly to their new accommodation without the stress of logistical challenges. 


It makes things easier for students who are new to London. Whom to call, how to reach and where to call? All of their answers is Spaceways: next-generation storage.


Spaceways provides a game-changing storage solution for students, revolutionising how they handle their belongings during their studies. Whether you’re a student juggling multiple moves or a parent seeking peace of mind for your child’s possessions, Spaceways is undoubtedly a top choice for students who love the difference it brings to their storage needs.

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