Ten things to checklist in student housing

Ten things to checklist in student housing

Finding the right accommodation can be quite a task, and once you find it, it is important to check for certain things before you move in. Having a safe and reliable student accommodation can really shape your student life and make it memorable.

1. Location

A location close to restaurants, grocery stores, and public transportation can be beneficial as it will help you save travel time. Look for a location close to your university campus. If the location is in the prime spot of your college life, you’ll never have to worry about missing your 8 AM classes or getting to your accommodation after a night out. 

2. Rent

This is a very important step after confirming the location. Determine your budget and find a student accommodation that suits your requirements. Additional expenses such as utilities, wifi, and parking fees can increase your monthly expenses, so double-check the fine print to ensure your budget remains in control. 

3. Deposit Amount

You may have to pay a deposit amount that is higher than your actual rent. This is called a security deposit which is returned to you at the end of your tenancy. Make sure the amount is justified and fits within your budget, and cross-check with your rent agreement about the security deposit refund option.

4. Amenities

Students must check for important amenities like kitchen appliances, laundry facilities, living rooms, common areas, and gyms. They must ensure all the amenities are exactly as they were advertised by the student housing provider. If there are any shortcomings, inform the housing administrator immediately.

5. Furniture

After making sure all the amenities are in proper condition, check the availability of furniture. Check if your flat or student housing is furnished before you move in to factor in any additional costs you may incur while renting out or buying new furniture.   

6. Maintenance

Check with your student housing provider about maintenance and repair costs and processes. It might not be a big concern for students at the time of moving in but things and amenities break and it can quickly become a challenge to resolve it.

So, note down the procedure so you know who to contact when a problem arises.

7. Safety

It is important to check the safety of the neighbourhood and the building itself. Your home away from home should not be compromised in any way. You should check the security cameras in and around the student accommodation.

You should also check your room locks, doors and windows; if you find any faults, inform the student accommodation immediately. Research by keeping a tab on local news to ensure that the area is not susceptible to crimes, also note down your nearest police station.

8. Lease Agreement

Read the lease agreement carefully and highlight any points you may want to discuss with the student housing service provider or the landlord. Don’t forget to read the fine print and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask questions. You can also seek legal advice from a local law clinic to understand the terms and conditions. 

9. Roommates

If you are going to share your space with new roommates, introduce yourself, meet them, and find out your levels of compatibility. Having a roommate can mould your university experience, so it is important to ensure you are comfortable with their habits and manners.

If you are an international student, it is important to be open to different cultures and lifestyles. Take your time to learn about your roommates, their backgrounds, and habits.

10. Pet Policy

Generally, student housing boards do not allow students to keep pets as it demands more maintenance and upkeep. Moreover, it is essentially your responsibility to look after the pet, and as a student, it is tough to juggle your work and additional responsibilities. Check with your student housing about their pet policies. Otherwise, just adopt a fish (and feed it!)


We hope this article helps you to identify 10 things to checklist in student housing. Moving to a new country can be challenging but with proper planning, it can be shaped into an exciting adventure. This checklist aims to help you with everything you need to settle into your new student accommodation. We wish you the best of wishes for your new endeavour.  

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