Student Accommodations are your home for the years you are away from your actual home. You may be in a different city, state, or a whole another country, but you find yourself feeling a little bit at home in your room at your student accommodation. No matter how chaotic or messy that room may be, you will find comfort in looking for the left sock in a pile of clothes on the floor because it is your independent, self-reliant mess.

However, time is a thief and your years at a place fly by too quickly and eventually, you have to say au revoir to the place you called home for so long.

Saying goodbye is difficult, so let’s make sure, the logistics aren’t. Here are a few things you can do, to ensure a stress free smooth moving-out process.

1. Be informed:

Priorities come first. Find out the regulations of your student moving day, whether you are leaving residence halls, a student flat, or shared housing. Find out when you must vacate, any papers you must submit before your lease expires, what access you will have throughout the relocation, and how to return your keys.

We know it’s tempting to put it off, but gathering all the information you need now will prepare you for a seamless transition the day you leave. Check before leaving the residence halls to make sure everything is still there. Discover when and when inspections will occur and the obligations placed on you during this process because it is likely that they will.

2. Bills:

Take notice of closing your utility accounts; it’s an important task on your student moving checklist.

The council, your energy providers, and any internet, TV, and phone companies should be contacted well in advance if you are moving out of a student apartment or house share so they can let you know your closing balance and any payments or refunds that are owed.

Before leaving the property, for example, a student accomdation in Melbourne takes one last reading of the meters and records it. This will help you later if there are any questions or disagreements.

Send your landlord a copy of your payments once the last bill has been paid.

3. Become Monica Geller:

Cleaning your student residence or houseshare before your lease expires is essential, especially if you plan to claim your security deposit. So imagine that you are Monica and clean that place up! Make sure to enlist the help of your roommates or friends and schedule your cleaning session at a set time before everyone starts to head home, so you only end up being partially responsible for the thorough cleaning.

Many universities and schools may provide an online cleaning checklist for your dorm before you vacate, which could help you quickly get your security deposit refunded.

4.Go Marie Kondo:

If you see something that is not giving you joy or needs to be updated, sell it. You can finance your summertime activities by selling unwanted stuff. Therefore, it’s time to clear before moving on to step 4.

Create your own internet store by gathering everything you believe might sell. For example, you are staying in a Southampton accommodation, and you bought some furniture for yourself like a side table, a small stool or cabinet, and now you can’t take these ahead with you, so you need to find a way to sell these items!

Although Facebook Marketplace is now more popular than ever since it makes it so much simpler to buy and sell items online, eBay, Depop, and other online marketplaces are still wonderful venues to sell your goods. Grab your phone, upload a few pictures, and the money could start flowing quickly. Plus, since most items can be listed as collection only, you can force the buyers to come to you for the most stress-free online selling experience.

Selling on Facebook is a great way to make money from getting rid of clothes from the previous season, outdated textbooks, and any furniture you can’t take to your new place. You might soon make enough money to pay for your summer vacation. Win, win!

5. List it down:

It’s time to make an organized checklist before leaving your house for example, a student accommodation in Bath. You can create a tick box list in Google Keep to complete this task on your phone if you’d prefer.

Include items like utilities, council tax, inventories, and cleaning on your list, which you can start by using this blog.

Here’s a small list of tasks that you can use as a reference:

  • Cancel WiFi
  • Cancel Food Services
  • Empty all storages
  • Pack one room at a time
  • Make sure to get maintenance for any damage
  • Complete documentation.

6. Consider using storage facilities

Sometimes it’s possible that you have more items than you can accommodate in your new house/place of stay. In these situations, you can use student storage facilities like spaceways that allow you to pack all the items you want to store in boxes and keeps them safe in their storehouse till you are ready to bring the items back! This can be an easy way to pack the items in your house quickie and then not have to worry about lugging them around before you re-settle.

Make sure to get help from the people around you while you are going through this period of change. It can be emotional and tiring; however, you can totally do it. We wish you the absolute best for the journey ahead!

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