Spaceways By The Box Storage Launches in Surrey!

Spaceways By The Box Storage Launches in Surrey!

Affordable Storage By The Box has now come to Surrey with the launch of Spaceways Surrey!

Spaceways are a “Storage By The Box” company that, until now, operated predominantly in the London area. In 2016, our company was acquired by Kelly’s Storage, a mobile self-storage company with its HQ in Guildford, Surrey.

We are so happy to be apart of the Kelly’s Group and as an extension of this, we are bringing our affordable by the box storage service to the people of Surrey.

We have proven to be one of the cheapest storage providers in London and now want to bring the same great service and price for storage to Surrey.

But that’s not all… We would also like to address the previous perception of the Spaceways brand…

If you were to go by Spaceways Google reviews, you would believe that Spaceways do not provide a reliable service.

BUT we would like to announce that since our acquisition by Kelly’s Storage in 2016, they have taken us under their wing and we now operate based on their company ethos and values.

We have completely adopted their approach to the storage industry of exceptional customer service and, because Kelly’s are a family run business, being attentive and providing as much value as possible.

This has helped us really turn the brand around and now provide one of the most secure, reliable and, of course, cost-effective storage by the box services available today!

As evidence of this, we have been keeping a close eye on our reviews, especially from the likes of Feefo, who are an independent reviews site that ensure all reviews are from genuine customers. Below is where we are currently are.

We opened our Feefo account about a year ago after the acquisition and went to work

  • We have a total of 151 reviews (at the time of writing this)
  • We currently have a rating of 4.7/5

And yes, that is right. Since then, we have been awarded the Feefo 5 Star Gold Rating for consistently providing a great service to our customers.

Of course, we are more than happy with these statistics, but always see room for improvement! If you compare these reviews to our Google reviews, you will see a huge change in how people now relate to the company compared to how they saw the company before Kelly’s Storage acquired us.

So, hello to the people of Surrey!

We are here to provide you with cheap storage by the box that you can trust and that has your best interests at heart.

So, how does the Spaceways service work?

It is really simple and we make it so that there is no need to leave your home. Why not let us do all of the work, right?

  1. You Book – Using the button below, you can follow the process to book your storage (in less than 1minute 15seconds!)
  2. We Collect – On the date you choose, we shall come and drop some of our empty boxes to your location. You then have 2 choices. Either we can wait 20 minutes for you to pack your items into the boxes OR during the booking process, you can select another collection day if you have 8+ boxes.
  3. We Store – We will then take your items into our secure storage facility and store for as long as needed
  4. We Deliver – When you are ready, we shall redeliver your items back to your location!

How much does it cost and dimensions?

That is simple too! Below is an image of one of our boxes, Below that, the same boxes filled with items.

The dimensions of our boxes are:

60cm W x 40cm L x 37cm H and can hold 67 litres.


Dropping empty boxes to your location: Free
Storage Rental: £8.10 per box, per month

Simple! Effective! Affordable!

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