10 Reasons To Use Spaceways Box Storage – Part 2

PART 2: 10 Reasons To Use Spaceways Box Storage

In part one of this two-part series on reasons to store with Spaceways, we looked at the first five potential reasons to store with Spaceways box storage. Those were:

  1. Record Collection Box Storage
  2. Ornaments and Small Antiques Box Storage
  3. Gardening / Camping / Christmas / Seasonal Hobby Box Storage
  4. Seasonal Clothing Box Storage
  5. Book Storage By The Box

Today in part two, we shall be looking at another five reasons to use box storage and to store with Spaceways. 

We shall be looking at:

  1. Care Home Clearance
  2. Student Storage
  3. Stock Storage
  4. Camping & Hiking Gear
  5. Your Garage Away From Home


If you have not come across Spaceways box storage service before, let us introduce ourselves.

We are the storage company that stores your items “by the box”. Our storage box rental service provides you with strong and sturdy boxes that will allow you to pack, store and secure smaller items and belongings (such as what we are talking about today).

Traditional self-storage has its benefits for sure, which is why so many people are using it today. There are times, though, that you may not require all of the space a large storage unit, storage locker or storage room provides. 

Enter Spaceways and “storage by the box” or simply “box storage”

Spaceways focus our box storage service predominantly in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. We also aim to provide exceptional customer service wherever possible and since being acquired by Kelly’s Storage in 2016, have done just that.

Please do take a moment to read through our Independent Feefo reviews here:

Not only do we provide an alternative storage solution to traditional self-storage, but we also offer storage with pick up and collection. This is a service where we can drop empty boxes to your location (for free), return to collect your packed items (for free), take everything into our storage facility and then deliver everything back on request.

This means you never have to leave your home to get your items into storage because we handle all of the logistics for you!

Our online booking and account system is straightforward to use. Click the “Book Now” button and follow the onscreen instructions. You can select a date you would like us to come and drop the empty boxes and another day for us to return to collect the full ones.

If you are unsure of how many boxes you may need to rent, we always recommend ordering more as we will only ever charge you for the boxes you fill. The remaining empty boxes will be collected and returned for free.

The Step-by-Step Booking & Storage Process

This is how the Spaceways service will run:

  1. You start by booking online (select delivery date, collection date, number of boxes needed, delivery information etc.)
  2. On the date selected, we shall drop empty boxes to your location FOR FREE!
  3. You then have two options (both are FREE too)
    – We can wait outside for 20 minutes for you to pack the boxes.
    – We can return to collect on another day (which you would have selected during the booking process)
  4. We then take everything into our secure storage facility where it will be kept dry, clean, safe and protected for as long as you need
  5. When you are ready to get your items back, log back onto your account, select a redelivery date, and we shall be at your door with your items!

Spaceways Storage Pricing

So, how much does Spaceways Storage By The Box cost? Our pricing is very simple.

  • Delivery of Boxes: Delivery of empty Spaceways boxes to your location is FREE.
  • Collection of Boxes: Returning to collect your full boxes is FREE too.
  • Box Rental Price: Our box rental service is just £4.90 per month per Spaceways box used. The boxes have the dimensions of 60cm W x 40cm L x 37cm H, which is a capacity of 67 litres and a max weight of 25kg.
  • Personal Box/Larger Item Storage Price: If you use your boxes or need to store any other item that is not in a Spaceways box, that will be just £9 a month per item (all personal boxes and larger items have a maximum capacity of 25kg too and must be able to be lifted by one person, as generally we only send one driver out for collections)
  • Redelivery of your stored boxes: If you have been in storage with us for less than three months, the redelivery cost is £49. If you have been in storage with us for more than three months, redelivery is just £19. This applies to all of your boxes, not a per box fee. If you have partial redelivery of your items (just a few boxes), the payment will apply each time you request any box/boxes to be redelivered. If you are unsure of which boxes you need, we always suggested reordering all of them back. This way, you can go through them, get what you need and then having our driver take it all back into storage for just one fee.

Today, we shall cover:

  1. Care Home Clearance
  2. Student Storage
  3. Stock Storage
  4. Camping Gear
  5. Your Garage Away From Home

6. Care Home Clearance

We understand that clearing items from a care home can be a very sensitive and emotional time. We have also come to realise that, in many care facilities, once a loved one who has been living in a care home passes away, the care facility will continue to charge the family for the use of the room. This is true up until the point that you clear that room. 

The last thing on your mind at a time like this is sorting through personal belongings left in a care home.

Why Store Care Home Items at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

Spaceways can offer a service whereby we visit the care home your loved one stayed in, carefully put their items into our Spaceways boxes and bring them all into storage.

This will allow you the time to focus on what matters and, when you are ready, we can deliver the boxes of items directly to your location.

Perfect, as you will not incur any additional payments for care home room rental.

Tips for using our Care Home Clearance service:

  • Always book in a few extra boxes (as you will only ever be charged for what we fill)
  • The more notice we have, the better. We can get your items into store within 48 hours, subject to availability
  • Use your generated online account to reorder boxes at your convenience

7. Student Storage Service

One of the biggest reasons people store with Spaceways is for student storage. If you are studying at uni and planning to return home or leave where you are studying for the summer break, student storage may be what you are looking.

Why Store Student Items at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

Over the summer break, instead of dragging everything from uni home with you and then bringing it all back again in the new term, Spaceways will collect your student items from your dorm or location. We will take everything into storage and then when you return for the new term; we shall redeliver to your location.  

As our prices are so cheap, the cost to you is minimal but will save time and effort. This is why the service is so popular among students. 

You can find out more info about our student storage service here.

Tips for using our Student Storage service:

  • Always order well ahead of time as this service gets booked up quite quickly approaching summer
  • Pack heavier items in the bottom of boxes
  • Evenly distribute items throughout boxes when packing
  • Have items at the door ready on the day of collection to avoid delays

8. Stock Storage

Running an online business or have stock that you need to store offsite?

Using a box storage service such as Spaceways can help manage your space and keep your products secure until you need them.

This is not a fulfilment service. We do not ship items from our location directly to your customers at this time, but you can store your products in our secure boxes and secure storage facility and get them redelivered back to your location when you need them.

Thanks to the low pricing of Spaceways, this form of storing your stock is very affordable and will help you stay organised and productive.

Why Store Stock at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

Firstly, when you store your items in a facility, they will have to be insured in some way. This gives you peace of mind knowing that, if the worse were to happen, your products and stock would be covered and our facility would replace them for you. 

Of course, we do not want this to happen, and thankfully it has not happened to us in the past. If this were to happen, though, you would be covered. When operating from home, you may not have this security. 

Storage facilities such as Spaceways also have 24/7 CCTV and security in place to ensure nothing is stolen or damaged.

Finally, Spaceways has state of the art fire detection and suppression systems to keep the warehouse safe. Regular security training is provided to all staff too.

Tips for using our Stock Storage service:

  • Ensure non of your stock if perishable or flammable (we cannot store these items)
  • Always order more boxes than you think you may need (we only charge for what you fill)
  • Evenly distribute stock throughout boxes when packing
  • Have packed boxes at the door ready on the day of collection to avoid delays
  • Label boxes and keep a personal inventory of each

9. Camping & Hiking Gear

When planning a hiking or camping trip, you may have realised how much stuff you need to take to be ready for any situation.

Many times though, these camping items are scarcely used again after the trip. That is until the next one in a few months of course!

If you are living in London or just tight on space in general, finding a permanent home for all of this gear can be a bit of a task nowadays. 

If you could have the ability to store all of your gear (tents, tarpaulin, jackets, ropes, pegs, bags, boots, hooks, clips, sleeping bags etc) in one, secure location, would that help?

Why Store Camping & Hiking Gear at a Dedicated Storage Facility?

Storing your camping & hiking gear in a secure storage facility can bring a range of benefits. The most obvious benefit would be the additional space you will save at home. If you only use the equipment & gear two to three times a year, keeping them out of the way makes a lot of sense. 

Another reason to store in a dedicated storage facility is the peace of mind and security it affords.

If you are into hiking or camping, you will have probably realised that equipment, clothing and accessories can quickly add up and cost a lot of money. 

If you are like most, this expensive gear may end up in your garage or shed until it is needed again. This is not a very secure location.

Dedicated storage facilities have built in security. For example, here at Spaceways, we have biometric scanners for entry into the building, alarmed perimeter fences, 24/7 CCTV and onsite staff to ensure the security of your belongings.

In the event that something happens to the facility, your items are fully insured, so will be replaced in such a situation.

Tips for using our Camping & Hiking Gear storage service:

  • Keep an itemised list of what you are putting into each box that is coming into storage
  • Ensure to wash & dry all of your gear & equipment before packing into the boxes
  • Always order more boxes than you think you may need (we only charge for what you fill)
  • Have your packed boxes at the door ready on the day of collection to avoid delays

10. Your Garage Away From Home  

If you are lucky enough to own a garage, you probably do not store your car in there, correct? It has been found that most of the UK use their garage as a storage extension.

This has proven to be very beneficial for many who need that extra space. 

Storing in your garage is fraught with issues though!

Garage doors are much easier to break into than your home or an offsite storage facility.

The Metropolitan Police state:

“It’s strange how most people don’t secure their shed or garage in the same way they do their homes. People often end up using a flimsy lock or padlock to protect the contents – whether it’s a car, bike or lawnmower. The fact is, a burglar will usually try a shed or garage first because they can find the tools they need to get into the house”  (met.police.uk)

Now understandably, putting junk and bits and pieces from your home into your garage is the easiest thing to do most of the time, even though the above might make you think otherwise. 

But what about the more important items that really shouldn’t be stored in a garage, though? The only way a “garage away from home” works is if the pricing makes sense and you can get your items delivered back to your door quickly and easily. 

If it is too expensive and not convenient, what is the point, right?

Another central point to remember is that garages are not temperature controlled. When it is cold outside, inside the garage space will be freezing, and when it is hot outside, it usually is very stuffy and humid within. 

The above poses a whole host of problems for many items you may consider storing in the garage. Think books, paint, furniture, clothing, bedding, fabric, anything made from wood… and the list goes on. Not only are the temperatures like a rollercoaster throughout the year, but garages are also home to many dust mites and other bugs that will get into your belongings and ruin them over time.

Why a Storage Facility can act as your “Garage Away From Home”?

Due to the points mentioned above, especially around temperature fluctuations, an offsite storage facility is the ideal place to store the majority of your belongings for the long term.

Most storage providers will operate a facility where the temperatures are kept in a tight range to prevent any form of decay or damage to the items stored there.

As an example, Spaceways, who are part of the Kelly’s Group of companies, operates a facility that stores a variety of items, such as:

– Paper-based archive records
– Data Tapes
– Deeds & Wills
– Business Furniture
– Office Equipment
– Household Furniture
– Household Items
– Student Items
…and much more!

As we store such a variety of belongings and data, we ensure to keep our facility at ideal temperature ranges to maintain the integrity of all of these.

Due to the way Spaceways store items, in individually sealable boxes, it is much cheaper to store by the box than it is to store in a self-storage unit or traditional self-storage space. Spaceways charge just £4.90 a month per box filled. Ten boxes (which holds a lot of items) is only £49 a month!

Not only is it affordable, but it is also convenient. 

Spaceways operate a box storage with pick up and delivery service. This means we can drop our Spaceways boxes to your location for you to fill (for free) and then return to collect your full boxes and take them into storage (also for free). Then when you are ready, delivery your boxes back to your location within 48 hours.

You only pay for your monthly rental costs and your redelivery costs.

Tips for using our “Garage Away From Home” service:

  • Keep an itemised list of what you are putting into each box that is coming into storage
  • Ensure to wash & dry all items (if applicable) before packing into our boxes
  • When packing boxes, ensure weight is evenly distributed, and boxes weigh less than 25kg each
  • Have your packed boxes at the door ready on the day of collection to avoid delays

So, there you have it…

If you have any questions or are wondering if we can store something in particular for you, please do get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions!

Ready to book? Just click the purple “Book Now” button to get started.

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