London Storage Solutions: Self-Storage, Box Storage & Crate Hire

London Storage Solutions: Self-Storage, Box Storage & Crate Hire

In this article, we shall be looking into three main types of public storage solutions in London.

These are Self-Storage, Box Storage & Crate Hire.

As you are probably well aware, space has become a premium in the capital, which is why we thought it a good idea to review the current state of storage solutions in London and present the available options.
The storage solutions we shall be looking at are:
– Traditional Self-Storage
– Mobile Self-Storage (Containerised Storage)
– Box Storage
– Crate Hire

The different types of Storage Solutions in London

So, let us start with the most popular type of storage used today.

Traditional Self-Storage

How does Self-Storage work?

In the simplest terms, traditional self-storage is the process of finding a storage facility nearby to your location, arranging to use one of their available storage units or storage rooms for a given period. You would then proceed to pack your belongings, load them into a van, take them into the facility and load up your room. The same process would happen in reverse when you are ready to get your belongings back.

Traditional Self-Storage is very convenient, which is why we have seen such a rise in demand for self-storage from all over the country. It will be a challenge to go through any major city and not notice a fair number of facilities littering the landscape.

What do you need to be aware of when considering self-storage?

Just so you are aware, there are several additional costs that you may need to be aware of and factor into your storage pricing calculations.

Van Hire & Refuelling

Bear in mind the cost to hire a van. Some storage companies in London will offer van rental for free if you can commit to a period (such as 3 to 4 months). If not, you will need to hire a van from a third-party.

Padlocks and Other Locks

Many providers throughout London, and the rest of the country, will charge additional costs for things like padlocks (which are needed). These can vary depending on the storage provider you choose to store with, but you will need a good one.


You will need insurance when you go into a self-storage facility. The amount is based on the value of your items or the storage space used.

What do people use self-storage for in London?

In case you were wondering what you can store within a self-storage unit or storage space, we have created a list of the most common reasons for using self-storage:

  • Temporarily store the belongings of their home during a move
  • Store the contents of a room during renovations
  • Have a general declutter of items in the home (but want to keep them)
  • Make space for a new arrival
  • To keep belongings safe and out of the way

How much does self-storage in London cost?

Storage prices in London change regularly based on demand, occupancy and seasonality. Higher rates are generally afforded to the summer months when people are usually spring cleaning and decluttering when compared to the winter months.

Prices quoted are based on one week of storage unless otherwise stated. Some storage companies will also offer pricing packages that help you save money for long term storage needs.

You can generally find 3, 6, 9 and 12-month self-storage pricing deals when visiting their sites.

Mobile Self-Storage (Containerised Storage)

Mobile Self-Storage is an area of storage that is becoming a lot more popular in recent years due to these mobile storage providers, or containerised storage providers, handling most of the work and logistics for you.

The convenience is like no other. It is no wonder we are seeing this type of storage service rising the ranks as more and more become aware of it.

How does mobile self-storage work?

A mobile self-storage provider, such as Kelly’s Storage our parent company, will generally operate mobile storage units that are put onto a truck and brought out to your location. They will then load your belongings into the storage unit, take it back to the storage facility and then re-deliver the items back to you when you require.

What do you need to be aware of when considering mobile self-storage?

Generally, mobile self-storage providers will offer you packages where all of the costs are covered within the price given. As mobile self-storage companies handle all of the logistics of getting into storage, they will provide you with an estimate for everything involved, rather than just a weekly storage cost.

A full package like this is great because you will not have any unpleasant surprises after the initial fees are paid.

Much Less “Self” in Mobile Self-Storage

The reason we say this is because you have a lot more assistance with mobile self-storage. You are not organising the logistics of getting into storage at all. You may also be asked to give notice if you would like to access your items. Usually, this is only about 24hours notice.

The reason you have to give notice for accesses is that the units/containers stacked on top of one another (containerised storage) and must be forklifted down to get into them.

You will more than likely receive a re-delivery “slot” when you want your items back. Again, this takes the “self” out of it a little as with traditional self-storage you would go to the facility when you want to get your goods. Mobile storage companies can ask for anywhere between 48 hours, and 7days notice to get all of your items re-delivered.

Other than having to wait for your items back, taking the “self” out a little as mobile self-storage does, is not always a bad thing!

If you are interested in this type of storage, you can visit Kelly’s Storage here who operate their pick up and delivery storage service throughout London, Surrey & Hertfordshire.

Box Storage or “Storage By The Box”

What is Box Storage?

The next storage type for us to look at is storage by the box or just “box storage”. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but this form of storage uses individually sealable boxes to store your belongings in offsite in the provider’s secure location.

Most, such as Spaceways, offer a storage pick up and delivery service too (explained below).

Storage with boxes when looking at public storage options can be a more convenient choice and ultimately save you money as you are not renting potentially unused space, as you may do in large verticle storage rooms.

Depending on the box storage provider, you may have different capacity boxes, but generally, they all supply large, durable cardboard or plastic boxes.

How does box storage work?

The box storage process generally works like this:

Once you have booked your storage date and time online (and selected the dates you want boxes delivered to you, collected from you and any additional packing materials), everything else is handled by the storage company.

They will deliver your empty boxes to your home and, once you have packed your belongings, return to collect your full boxes. They will then take the boxes to their storage facility where they shall remain until you need them re-delivered.

When you would like the re-delivery of your items, simply login to the website, select your re-delivery dates, and your boxes shall be returned to you on that date.

Why do people use Box Storage in London?

As Spaceways operate box storage for London, Surrey, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, we have learned that people use box storage for:

  • Storing classic vinyl record collections
  • Storing small antiques & valuable ornaments for long periods
  • Seasonal storage of items (clothing, gardening tools etc.)
  • Storing Books
  • Student storage
  • Business stock storage
  • and so much more!

For more on what you could potentially store in a Spaceways Box, you can read our articles below:
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How would you use Box Storage?
What do you need to know about Box Storage in London?

When considering using box storage in London, or in any location for that matter, you need to be aware that you will not be able to store as much as you might be able to with self-storage providers.

You will not be able to store large pieces of furniture, such as wardrobes, fridge freezers and the like. Here at Spaceways, if you have any more substantial items that do not fit into one of our boxes, as long as it can be carried by one person and weighs under 25kg, we can store those items for you too!

The above generally applies to items such as bikes, golf clubs, hockey sticks, suitcases, your own bigger boxes and other such belongings.

The same may be true with other box storage providers as well, but you will have to check this when enquiring.

How much does Box Storage in London cost?

Box storage in London is the cheapest way to go in terms of public storage with pick up and delivery. As you are using smaller, individual storage boxes instead of large units, you are only paying per box stored and not for the entire room or storage unit rented.

Most providers, such as Spaceways, also deliver empty boxes for free and return to collect your full boxes for free as well. You only pay for storage and re-delivery.

For those living in places like London in flats and other smaller accommodations, storing items by the box is an effective way to go, especially with the added benefit of the company handling all of the logistics of getting you into storage.

Generally, you are going to be paying a low monthly price for box storage.

Moving Crate Hire

What is Moving Crate Hire?

Another prevalent and popular box storage solution is onsite moving crate hire. We find that many people use crate hire for moving home. Crate hire is also used extensively for office moves as well.

The three types of public storage solutions:

  1. Self-Storage: You can put your items into large storage units/rooms in an offsite storage facility
  2. Box Storage: You can put your items into individually sealable boxes in an offsite storage facility, or
  3. Moving Crate Rental/Crate Hire: You keep all of you items onsite with you as you go through your transition

The real benefit of using crate hire is the convenience of having your belongings with you onsite but kept out of the way in sturdy, stackable plastic crates designed for storing and transporting such items.

How does Moving Crate Hire work?

So with moving crate hire, you will approach a company much like you would with box storage providers. You will be able to book everything online through their website.

Start by selecting the size of the crates you want to rent (generally listed in litres), book the dates you would like them to arrive, and they will be delivered on the selected dates.

When you are finished with the crates and ready to return them, simply log in, select your collection date, and they will return to collect them.

Why do people use Moving Crate Hire in London?

Many people living in London, move within London. Many businesses within London, relocate within the capital too. Maybe you have done the same?

In the example of moving offices, crate hire is ideal because it allows you to pack office stationery and equipment, computer equipment and more into boxes, transport them to the new location and then unpack them all when you arrive.

Why purchase crates to use once or twice when you can rent and have them delivered and picked up for you?

In the example of moving home, again, if you only need crates for a short period to move bits from one location to another, renting makes more sense.

We have found that people use moving crates for securing and transporting kitchen items, bedding, books, toiletries, computer equipment and more.

Moving Crate Hire is a very efficient and effective service that is used by thousands across London every year for exactly that, moving home and office!

What do you need to know about Moving Crate Hire in London?

The main thing to be aware of with moving crate hire services is that collection costs can sometimes be a little expensive once you have finished using the boxes when compared to the actual rental prices.

Generally, looking at the crate hire companies in London, these are excellent services that give great value for money!

How much does Moving Crate Hire in London cost?

Prices for moving crate hire, much like with self-storage and box storage services, are very competitive. You can expect to pay low weekly rental fees to hire the crates and keep them onsite at your location.

Different providers charge different amounts for the delivery and collection of the crates, so be sure to look into this when approaching crate hire.

How much space do I need for storage?

The big question that most people ask when approaching a storage solution is:

“How much storage space do I need?”

We appreciate understanding the amount of space needed for storage is difficult, which is why in the world of self-storage, many providers will have a “storage calculator” on their website. A storage calculator will allow you to enter in the items you need to store and get and will give you an estimated size requirement and weekly storage price back.

In the world of box storage, storage providers will display the size of their boxes and give a price per box stored. You then select the number of boxes you require to understand how much you will pay in total.

In the world of crate hire, many people order more than they think they require as the weekly rental costs are so minimal. This way, they never fall short when moving home or office.

It is always a good idea to understand:

  1. What items you are looking to store
  2. How much space you require and
  3. How you would like your items stored

Doing the above will make the entire process of finding the right storage solution a lot easier for you!

So, there is a summary of the three most used types of public storage solutions in London: Self-Storage, Box Storage & Crate Hire.

We hope you have found this article useful and it has helped you understand the different storage solutions available to you in London today.

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