It can be hard to stay organised during the university breaks especially when you are not on campus. These tips can help you stay better organised and be able to do some university work whilst still enjoying your summer, winter or Easter holiday.  

University planner to help you stay organised

Plan ahead 

Like we mentioned in Previous blogs it is a good idea to jot down when you need to revise or complete coursework during the breaks. That way you make your break a bit more structured ensuring that you cover everything needed study wise over the breaks but also have some time off to enjoy yourself. 

It is worth having a plan for the whole of the university breaks to ensure that you complete all the work required and avoid the sudden rush and panic when university starts again.  To help with this it is a good idea to write down in your planner or diary all of your exam dates and coursework deadlines that are happening after the holidays. This will then help you to know what work you need to do over the university breaks.  

Stay organised by taking university work home

Take the correct work home 

If you are going home over the university breaks then it’s worth taking any work such as notes, textbooks and lecture recordings that you will be needing to use home with you in order to complete any university work. That way you be able to do your university coursework, revision and key reading more easily as you will have all the things you need.  This will result in you being able to make the most of the university breaks as it’s often a very busy time at university after the breaks.  

Stay organised with public transport

Public transport 

Before university starts again it’s a good idea to makes sure that if you’re planning to travel black to university via public transport that you book your ticket in advance. This will ensure that you know if there will be a train or bus strikes and if you’ll have to take a different route instead (plus it will save you some money). As a result, you will be more prepared for returning to university and will avoid the sudden rush of your packing and preparation as university starts again. 

food preparation to help you stay organised during university

Food preparation 

It’s worth doing a big shop before you return to university after the break to ensure that you have enough food to get though the first week.  It worth buying a few extra tins and dry food to help keep you stoked up for when you are too busy to be able to go shopping. That way you always have a meal in the house.   

You could also try out some meal prepping. This will help keep you organised during the first week back after the summer, Christmas or Easter break giving you one less thing to worry about so you can just focus on university.  

Alongside this you could create a meal plan for the first few weeks which will make it easier when you go shopping and do the cooking as this will ensure that you have all of the correct ingrediencies to make all of the meal.  This will also save you time having to decide want to eat everyday meaning you can spend more time doing other things.  

University checklist to help you stay organised

Returning to university checklist  

Make sure that you bring back to university all of the work that you did over the holidays or brought with you such as your book, notes a, laptop and stationery as this will be really helpful with all of your upcoming coursework and exams.  

It is worth creating a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything and packing a few days before you need to go back to university as this will help to keep you more organised.  

student storage to help you stay organised

Student Storage 

If you can’t be at university over the breaks and need somewhere to store your belongings then Spaceways student storage is the perfect solution. It a safe place to store all your belongings in one place keeping you organised.  

To be even more organised it is worth booking your student storage in advance as the university breaks are when we are the busiest and we might not have room in our storage warehouse. This will ensure that you are able to get the storage on the day that you need it.  

Spaceways offers storage by the box, which makes it perfect for students. Our drivers will come and deliver the empty storage boxes directly to your door. Once you’ve packed them up with your belongings they will then come and pick them up again and transport them to our storage warehouse. When you need your belongings back again our drivers will come and redeliver your stuff right back to your front door. 

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