How to organise your time at university

How to organise your time at university

There are many ways to organise your time at university, as there are so many things that you are able to get involved with.  

Luckily, we have created a list of things to help stay organised whilst at university. These tips will ensure that you study hard but make time for seeing friends, going out and joining societies. There is more to university then just studying. 

Digital calendar 

It is a good idea to sync all your different calendars/timetables together. That way you know when all your lectures and seminars are as well as anything social that you have planned. If you have this synced to you phone, then you will always have your calendar with you.  

As a result, you will be less likely to forget about anything that you had scheduled. You will easily be able to plan social things around your studies as you will easily be able to find out when you are free by just checking your calendar on your phone.  

Managing your time with societies and university events  

It is important to have some social time when at university and a good way to do this is to join some student societies. However, it can be very easy and temping to join a variety of different student societies.  

Top tips for staying organised with university societies and events 

  • Only join one to two student societies – it can be hard to stay organise and attend multiple events and weekly meet ups, especially as a lot of them happen on the same day 
  • Make a note in your diary/calendar of all the dates and times – this will help you work the society around your studies making you more organised as you will know
  • what you are doing throughout the week

Semester planning 

It is worth planning out your whole semester at university that way you know when all your coursework deadlines and exams are as well as any key university dates like holidays, closures and events. That way you will be more likely to stay organised and on top of things and be more prepared for your exam and coursework deadlines. By doing this you can plan times when you work on your coursework, which will help to avoid the last-minute rush and lates night trying to get your coursework in on time.   

To help with this you could use one of those huge wall calendars that you can put up in your student room. That way you can have a visually see when all your coursework is due and when your exams are throughout the semester. Helping to keep your busy student lives organised.  

Weekly planning 

It is a good idea to make a weekly plan for each week. That way you will be easily know what you need to do each week or what you have planned. This way keeping your university time even more organised than just having a semester plan.  

On this plan, you can break down the day into AM and PM. As a result, you are making sure that you don’t overload your day by planning times to have breaks and do things that are not study-related. You can even plan your university classes, society sessions, work shift and socials. That way you are keeping yourself organised and your time more structured. 

Part time work 

Many students choose to have a part time job to help bring in a bit of extra money. It is important to find a job that is quite flexible with you constantly changing timetable that can be different from week to week.  It’s helpful to know your shifts at least a week in advance that way you will be able to organise you time around your work so that you still get time to study, attend classes, go out and do society things. It’s important that your job does not take over your time at university as you are primarily at university to study and not work. To do this many students choose to only work one or two days a week.  

Student Storage 

It is key to stay organised with your time at university, but many people don’t know how to do this when not at university. One way to do this is to use Spaceways student storage.  This is great for when you are no longer able to be at university but need a place to store your belongings. Your belonging will be stored by the box and a team from Kelly’s will come and drop off the boxes you need. Once the boxes are full, they will be picked up and then stored until you need them delivered back to your door. The earlier you book this storage the more organised and less stressed you will be when you need to move out of your student room.  

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