How to organise your student room

How to organise your student room

Student accommodation is the best place to get organised as it will be your new home for the next year. There are a few different types of storage and organisation tricks that can be used to suite a whole range of different student rooms and budgets. All these student organisation hacks can be implemented right from the moment that you move into your student accommodation.  It is best to start off organised to ensure a good start to the university year.  

Storage Boxes 

Try using student storage boxes to help keep your belongings categorised but easily accessible. These boxes can come in a rage of different sizes to help fit all kinds of your belonging. This makes them perfect for organising your student room into different categories such as notes, toiletries and cleaning products. That way you always know where your belongings are as long as you label each box. Spaceways storage boxes would be perfect for this or for providing an additional place to store and organise your belongings when you’re not able to be in your student accommodation.

Underbed Storage 

Have you as a student ever considered using the underbed storage? If not, then this is a great way to organise the items that you use less often, as it is surprising just how much can fit under the bed. It is important to make the most of all the space in your student room and it’s a bonus when you don’t need to buy any extra storage when it comes with the room. You can even put the boxes under you bed that you used when you moved into your student accommodation that way saving you money and time buying new boxes. By doing this can help to keep the rest of your room clutter free and more organised. Spaceways storage boxes boxes can be perfectly used for this situation.  

Wardrobe Organisation 

Wardrobe organisation can be a struggle for many students trying to fit all their cloths into the small university wardrobe.  Buying storage cube organisers makes storing your cloths a lot easier. These storage boxes can easily separate items of cloths on the same shelves or create more storage by having the boxes stacked on top of each other. As a result, making your wardrobe more organised, able to fit more in and keeping your student room tidy. You can use Spaceways storage boxes to do this and help with organisation as well as storage of any cloths that are currently not in season.  As a result, freeing up space and making your student room more organised. 

Desk Organisation 

Desk organisation is key as it is where students spend most of their time. Having a desk organiser for you stationary will make it an easy place to keep all of you much needed stationary. That way you will not lose any of your pens again. Make sure that you try and keep your desk as minimal as possible.  That way your student study desk stays as usable and organised as possible. To do this make sure that you make use of any draws in your  desk and use desk storage containers to make your stationary more organised and easier to find in the draws.  

Student organisation for your student room can be quite simple as longs as you use some of the tips above. These will ensure that you are able to keep your student room organised for the whole of the university year. That way you can focus on studying rather then finding your belonging as everything will now have a home within your student room.  

Student Storage

During the university holiday periods it can often be quite stressful finding a place to store your belonging where you are unable to be in your university Accommodation. However, Spaceways student storage is the perfect solution for this.  

We will come and deliver the boxes directly to your accommodation and then will pick them up once you have filled them. That way you don’t need to be able to drive in order to use Spaceways student storage. The boxes can be easily labelled so that you know exactly what is in each of the boxes and can be stored for any length of time needed. This keeps you organised and gives you peace of mind over the storage of your belongings.  

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