Christmas Tree & Christmas Decoration Storage

Christmas Decoration Storage

Introducing: Spaceways Christmas Tree Storage and Christmas Decoration Storage

You know the situation, Christmas and Boxing Day have come and gone and you now find yourself staring at a house full of tinsel, ornaments, wreaths, baubles, lights and everything else the festive season brings.

When do you usually take your Christmas Tree and Christmas Decorations down?

If you are like most, including myself, you’ll probably wait until mid-January time and revisit the task… potentially February!

Where do you usually store your Christmas Tree & Decorations?

Do you leave them at the back of the garage? Put them up into the loft? Are they stuffed into a cupboard within the house? Sounds about right!

Yes, the above works, but wouldn’t you prefer to “clear the clutter” and keep that space for something else throughout the year? 

The Offer

In case you were unaware, Spaceways operate a Christmas Tree Storage and Christmas Decoration Storage service!

It works in a similar way to our current box storage service, that is:

  1. We bring empty boxes to your home for free.
  2. We return to collect your packed boxes for free.
  3. We store for as long as you need us to.
  4. We re-deliver to your home on request.

The main difference with our Christmas Tree & Christmas Decoration Storage service is that we will take and store your Christmas Tree as well.

What’s more, we are currently offering a 10% discount on any Christmas Storage requirements! Enter the code: “SPACEWAYS-XMAS” at checkout to redeem.

As we understand the reluctance to take down Christmas decorations until well after Christmas, any orders placed before or on the 31st January 2021 will qualify for the offer. 

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