Cheap Storage In London: Everything You Need To Know

Cheap Storage In London: Everything You Need To Know

So, you’re looking for storage in London. The first thing you’re going to (quite rightly) look at is the price.  But, while cheap is good for your bank balance, is it suitable for the items you want to store?  Will the seemingly cheap storage solution have hidden costs, leaving you more out of pocket than expected?

Watch out for things like pick up and delivery charges.  When you receive a quote, or you see adverts promising you extremely cheap storage solutions, stop and ask yourself, what other costs could be included?  Although the advertised price may start from as little as a few pounds per month, this advertised price usually only consists of the storage itself.  There are also pick up / collection costs, re-delivery costs, and packing material costs to also take into account. 

Most companies charge a fee for collection. There will then be an added monthly storage fee while in-store. Then there is the re-delivery fee when you would like your goods brought back to you.  Most companies charge a delivery fee per box, which can add up to quite a bit if you would like to store a lot of boxes, meaning that the advertised storage costs are a lot higher in reality. 

For many companies, if you want re-delivery on the weekend, you may be charged an additional fee in some cases up to £20 extra for delivery on a Saturday or Sunday.   In other circumstances, storage companies will even charge an initial payment, or advance fee, as well as the additional costs already mentioned. 

Are you able to store additional items that will not fit into boxes for a comparatively cheap storage price, too? Some companies will insist that you can only use their boxes to store at their location. If you have more substantial items that will not fit into their standard sizes of boxes, you will be prompted to purchase specific boxes from them that can store that item, which of course, is an additional cost on top of the cheap storage price quoted.

Cheap Storage in London: It does exist!

With Spaceways, our upfront, transparent and straightforward pricing system means that cheap storage in London is not just a myth!  You can store with Spaceways from only £4.90 per month per box, and £9 per larger item, per month (this can include suitcases, bikes, TV’s and more!). 

Not only do Spaceways offer a cheap and reliable storage solution for London and beyond, we also provide the boxes free of charge!

The boxes we provide are delivered for free on a day that suits you.  They can hold a maximum weight of 25kg and are more than capable of protecting your items while they are in transit with us or in our secure storage facility. 

We also charge a fixed re-delivery fee!

Hurrah!  Unlike other companies who generally charge a per box re-delivery fee (not to mention weekend delivery charges), we charge a simple flat fee.

If you have been in storage for less than 3 months, re-delivery of your items is £49. If you have been in storage for more than 3 months, your re-delivery fee is just £19.

That is the price to get all of your items re-delivered. We do not charge a per box re-delivery fee.

We will re-delivery your storage items back to your desired address within 48 – 72 hours (subject to availability).

You can also order as many of our storage boxes as you like, if you don’t use them all, don’t worry! We only charge for the boxes you have used. We will take back all unused boxes free of charge.

Why We Want To Provide Cheap Storage

Spaceways mission is to save you time, space, and money! We recognise the growing need for extra space, especially in cities like London, but also across the country, where more and more high rise, high-rent flats and apartments are being built.  Lack of internal storage space is becoming more common as an issue for Londoners and other flat dwellers.   

So if you’re moving house, leaving University for the summer, need to store out of season clothing, need long term luggage storage or want to declutter, we have you covered. Our hassle-free, cheap storage solution means you can save space without having to haul your gear to a self-storage facility or pay more than you need to.

For your peace of mind, and to ensure your goods are looked after securely, our storage facility is fitted with 24hr CCTV monitoring, alarmed perimeter fences and security gates and bio-scanning technology.

We’ve also included insurance cover up to £100 for each box/additional item at no extra charge! 

Your stored belongings are covered starting from the moment they leave your doorstep, giving you total peace of mind.

Book Your Quality, Cheap Storage Today!

The booking process with Spaceways really couldn’t be any easier!  In just 4 easy steps, your items can be safely stored in our secure warehouse, which is located just outside of London (allowing us to give you cheap storage prices when compared to other “Storage in a Box” providers in the capital).

STEP 1 – BOOKING: Book online and on the date chosen, we’ll deliver your storage boxes for free.

STEP 2 – COLLECTION: Pack your items into the boxes, and we shall return to collect them on the date you chose when booking.

STEP 3 – STORAGE: Your boxes are stored in our purpose-built storage facility for as long as necessary.

STEP 4 – RE-DELIVERY: When you are ready for your items to be re-delivered, go online and book in your slot.  You can choose to have all or just some of your items returned. You will also have access to an online inventory so you can select which items to keep in storage and which ones you would like returned to you.

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