5 useful tips to help organise your notes at university

5 useful tips to help organise your notes at university

There are many ways to organise your university notes that will make it easier for you to access them and revise. These tips will be essential throughout your whole university experience as note taking is a vital part of university life.  

Note organisation tip 1: Digital Notes 

If you take all your notes digitally, it is important that you store them in individual folders for each module so that you can keep them organised and are able to find them easily when you come to revise or doing an assignment. This will help you to stay on top of things down the line.  

When storing and organising your digital notes it is a good idea to colour code them based on each module and saves them locally on your laptop as well as in the cloud using programs such as Google Drive – That way your notes are always backed up  

It can be easier to print out your notes as well so that you can physically have a copy in case something happens to your laptop. That way you don’t always need to carry your laptop or have to rely on having access to the internet or a plug to charge your laptop.  

Organisation tips 2: Folders 

A ring binder folder will ensure that you keep all of your student notes from lectures and seminars in one place. Having multiple of these folders will mean that you can have one for each module that you are studying, as there is nothing worse than not being able to find your notes when studying for a test or doing an assignment.  

Make sure that you clearly label each folder which will help ensure that you take the correct folder with you to university. In turn keeping, you organised and saving you valuable time when getting your university bag ready.  

TOP TIP: If you want to get super organised, then take advantage of binder dividers to separate your notes from lectures and seminars 

Note organisational tip 3: Notebooks 

Having a different notebook for each module will ensure that your notes don’t end up getting mixed up with each other. This way you always know where each of your module notes is.   

However, if you mainly take your notes digitally but still want somewhere to jot down a few notes then getting a five-subject notebook will be useful. That way all of your notes stay in one place but are still easy to find as they will be separated into different sections. This way you will only need to carry one notebook to university keeping your bag light whilst still keeping notes organised.  

Note organisation tips 4: Up-to-date Notes 

Keeping up to date with your notes means that you will stay organised. This will reduce the stress around exam time as you will not need to catch up on any student notes from lectures or seminars. It is worth attending all your classes in order to stay more organised and on top of things. A way to do this is to check your notes after each class or at the end of the university day to ensure that you don’t have anything missing from your notes.  That way you can easily catch up on any missing notes which will keep you on top of things and stay organised.  

Note organisation tip 5: Digital planner 

Having a student digital planner will help you keep track of all your class notes that are needed. It is good to keep track of when notes were taken by putting the date and university week on the notes. This will help you be more organised as you will be able to easily find the right notes for the specific date or week that you are looking for.  In turn, saving you valuable time.  

TOP TIP: To be even more organised it is good to sync your digital planner with your university timetable. That way you won’t forget any classes or notes that need taking. It’s never too late to start doing these now 

Student Storage 

During the time when you can’t be at university then Spaceways student storage is a great place to have all your notes stored. That way over the university breaks you don’t need to worry about having to find space to store your notes or have your parents drive to pick them up.  

Our by-the-box storage solution is a very cost-effective service as you only pay per the boxes you store.  You will be delivered the storage boxes that will be perfect to fit and store all your notes. Then when you are back at your student accommodation again then your notes can be delivered directly to your door. Keeping you organised and stress-free.  

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