5 different student storage ideas you need to know

5 different student storage ideas you need to know

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of being able to leave your items in your student accommodation during the university breaks. 

Luckily, there are a handful of different things you can do with your belongings during this period to keep them safe and secure. 

Keep reading to find a variety of different student storage options for every budget. 

Student storage idea #1: Your home 

Most people tend to get their parent to drive up to their university to collect their belongings. This is because it is one of the cheaper options that’s often the most convenient as many students during the holidays tend to back home to live with their parents again. This is the most affordable student storage if your parents can drive and collect you and your belongings at the start of the university breaks.  

Top tip: Make sure that you always tell your parents when the university breaks are as soon as you know.  That way you can plan for when you will be needing them to come and collect your belongings for storage. Remember – They are doing you a favour.  

Student storage idea #2: Your friend’s home 

If your family is not available and you have willing friends who don’t live too far away from the university then it can be an option to store your belongings at a friend’s house. It means that you don’t have to pay for storage if your friends are nice enough to let you store your belongings at theirs for free.   

Student storage idea #3: University Storage  

Many universities tend to have their own storage On campus.  This is great as it means that you only need to take your belongings to the university where most students either live or only a short walk away. You can store most of your belongings and its one of the cheaper storage options. It does get quite busy booking university storage option around the university, as this is when most students tend to need storage. 

Top Tip: It is best to book the university storage at least a week before you need it to ensure you get a booking.  

Student storage idea #4: Self Storage companies 

There is a verity of storage companies that can offer storage for university students during the holidays. These traditional storage companies such as big yellow, safestore and Access Self Store offer storage rooms for you to keep your items and goods. This storage option is great for students who have a lot of belongings. However, most students don’t have enough belongings to be able to fully fill a room, as these containers can normally fit an entire two-bedroom house in.  You will often be charge on a weekly basis making this one of the more expensive storage options and you often end up paying for storage space you don’t use.  

Student storage idea #5: Student Storage 

Student storage is a great, affordable solution to keep your items safe during university breaks.  

Spaceways student storage is the perfect solution to help you store your items during university breaks. We offer a by-the-box solution, which means that you only pay for the storage you use, rather than a whole room or container. Don’t worry though, as you can also store larger items such as suitcases, desk chairs, TVs etc.  

We provide you with however many boxes you need, and once you’ve packed them, we will collect them directly from your university accommodation and store them in our secure warehouse. When you need them again, we will re-deliver them to your new or previous address. Don’t worry if the boxes are too heavy for you to lift as our drivers can do all of the heaving liftings for you.  

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