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3 Tips for using student storage if you can’t drive

3 Tips for using storage if you can't drive

Not all students have the luxury of having a car, or being able to drive whilst at university. Sometimes that can make student storage a bit difficult if you have no way to transport your goods to a storage unit.  

Luckily for you, we’ve got 3 handy tips to help you get your items into storage during the holidays when you can’t drive. These tips will ensure that storage is accessible for everyone and show you that not being able to drive will not prevent you from using student storage. 

Tip 1: Get friends to drive your belonging to storage company warehouse.  

One way to use a storage company is to get you friends who drive to be able to drop all of you belongs at the storage Wherehouse. That way you will save money by no having to hire out a van to deliver your belongings (Would be a good idea to get your friends a little something to say thanks).  

Sometimes friends are not available to bring your belonging into storage when you need them too. Quite often friends’ cars aren’t not big enough to fit all of your belongings as a result they will end up doing multiple trips making this not very convenient.    

Tip 2: Hire out a van service 

Hiring a van is one of the most popular options to transport your belongings. If you aren’t able to drive a van then there are a range of services such as Any Van. These van services come and collect your belongings directly from your university house or student flat and then drop them off at your chosen storage company. This way you don’t have to rely on your friend to be available to drive your belonging to the storage company

Tip 3: Door-to-door storage 

Spaceways provides you with a door-to-door student storage solution. This makes it the perfect option for anyone who can’t drive.  

The Spaceways drivers will come and pick up your boxes directly from your front door and then will take the boxes to store at our warehouse. The same thing will happen on the redelivery of your items.  Don’t worry if your boxes are too heavy for you to lift as we will can do all the heavy lifting for you.    

Door-to-door student storage is a great option for any student as it means you don’t have to rely on your friends or family or pay for all the additional costs associated with traditional self-store.  

Hope that you try out the 3 tips for how to use storage if you can’t drive.  The tips show you that you don’t need a car to use storage. There is an option that is suitable for everyone.  

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